Product Range


FlooringWe count with a large experience distributing a wide variety of commercial flooring, we give the right solution for each project, using the best product to achieve  the expected result, advising our customers when it is necessary.

» Homogeneous and heterogeneous flooring
» Electrical conductive flooring
» Raised access floors
» Modular carpet tiles
» Safety playground rubber tiles
» Self laying vinyl floors
» Linoleum flooring

Wall coverings

Wall coveringsThe modern available wall coverings can be separated in two large groups: Textile and vinyl wall coverings. Vinyl wall coverings have some advantages like ease of cleaning,  durability, normal use resistance, wide variety of models, on the other hand, textile wall coverings offer very high luxury finishing, suitable generally for some more reduced projects.

» Vinyl wallcoverings
» Vinyl wallcoverings – Contract type
» Acoustic wallcoverings
» Textile wallcoverings

Entrance mattings

Entrance mattingsMore than 80% of total amount of dirt remain inside the buildings comes from outside, it is important to use the right  products to keep the dirt outside, reducing dramatically the total costs of cleaning and maintenance.

» ABIMAT®, aluminium matting systems
» Tirex, efficient anti-dirt barrier
» Nomad Terra 3M matting
» Nomad Aqua 3M matting
» Nomad Optima 9910 – 9920  3M matting Systems.
» Nomad Modular 3M  matting

» Vegasmat, customized logo mats

Anti-slip products

Anti-slip products3M Safety Walk anti-slippery tapes enable secure surfaces, reducing the risks of falls. 3M manufactures different types of tapes for every different needs, protecting slippery ladders, problematic surfaces like marble, granite or ceramic tiles for example.

» 3M Safety Walk Self-adhesive anti-slip tapes multi-uses
» 3M Safety Walk Self-adhesive anti-slip tapes coarse
» 3M Safety Walk Self-adhesive anti-slip Conformable
» 3M Safety Walk Self-adhesive anti-slip Medium resilient
» 3M Safety Walk Self-adhesive anti-slip Fine resilient

Adhesives and sealers

adhesives and sealersWe know how important is the correct election of the right adhesive, and how it will affect the final quality of the installation. We make distribution of all kind of adhesives and sealers, only for the professional market.

Polyurethane adhesives
» Silicones and sealers
» Two component Epoxy adhesives
» Contact adhesives
» Linoleum adhesives
» Electrically conductive adhesives
» Vinyl adhesives for wall-coverings
» Acrylic adhesives

Surfaces treatment

seccion_pastas_alisadorasThe correct treatment of the surfaces before floor covering installation will be crucial to ensure a proper finished. In general, It will be necessary to provide a proper surface: plane, dust free, strong, firm, smooth and clean surfaces, being the best surfaces like terrazzo or other surfaces such us the modern cement based leveling compounds.

» Self leveling compounds.
» Surfaces treatment products.
» Reinforcing weak surfaces